Product features

Balance is everything for the PERFECT SKIN
Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or any other type of skin that you think is problematic, what you are aiming for is the perfect balance.
Skin balance is often disturbed by factors such as hormones, chemicals and preservatives, misuse of skincare products, and the environment that we live in, including pollution and sun exposure.

What BearCereju products do is not to solve one or two skin problems that you may have, but to aim for the original balance.

All BearCereju products possess the following characteristics:
PH balance
All of our skincare products are designed to resemble the pH level of human skin.

Moisture balance
Problem skin is often caused by dehydration, which is why all our skincare products contain natural moisturizing ingredients.

Oil control
Oil-based skin care products often contain petroleum and chemicals, which can cause more problems like acne, clogged pores and excessively oily skin.  Our skincare products can kill bacteria on the skin-which is a major cause of acne and other skin problems.  Our products also help in balancing the skin's natural secretion, which effectively controls oil release.

Rejuvenation balance
One of our most advanced technologies-angstrom-techenergy, refines the particles in our products such that valuable substances in our ingredients can reach the cell level with zero barrier.  At the cell level, these substances can encourage and activate cell rejuvenation.

Complexion balance
Makeup and cosmetics may only cover up imperfections in the short tem, but they are not the answer to skin problems.  All BearCereju skincare products help to lighten skin pigmentation and make the skin clear and translucent.