B23 Acellag Tea

HK$ 480,00
Acellag Tea is roasted in unique and special way and has been treated by our "Tealeaves Nutrition Absorption Method" such that the nurtritious substances from the raw ingredients are more readily released during boliing or diffusion process. Acellag Tea does not contain caffeine and is very gentle to the stomach. It provides gentle relief for indigestion and can help restore a healthy digestive system.


*Put one bag into a kettle with 1-2L water, and then boil 5-10mins.
*Boil 500ml water with one bagif you like denser taste.

*Put one bag into a kettle with 1-2L water, and then soak for 20mins.
*Soak few minutes if no enough time but taste will lighten.

Iced tea
*Put tea into the fridge to chill. Drink as iced-tea.

Other ways
*Use tea to cook rice or congee
*Can mix with Natural Conc. Drink, Family Conc. Drink, Sea Field Biber or Cooloid Dietary Fiber.
*Can mix wine or whisky.