me oil

B16 Mild Oil ME II

HK$ 580,00
This essence revives skin firmness-containing rich botanical essences that plumps cells and triggers cellular rejuvenation. Applicable on face, neck and other body parts that need a little firming. Skin would regain elasticity and become more radiant.

*Squalene, Korean Ginseng, and Royal Jelly are natural antioxidants that provide nourishment to skin, improve skin texture, prevent dryness and retain skin moisture, keeping skin soft and supple.

*This essensial oil gently dissolves dirt and even stubborn makeup on skin while soothing delicate skin around eyes and mouth. It also helps balance sebum secretion. It is a multifunctional oil that cleanses and improves skin condition at the same time.

*Shake well before use*
After cleansing, appy 2-3 drops of Mild Oil ME II gently to face with fingertips.  Suitable for daily use- apply in the morning and at night.
(Can be used as a face pack with mixed with Dental Herb Essence II - suitable for individuals with oily skin.)
When using as makeup remover, gently apply 5 drops of Mild Oil ME II to face, massage until makeup is dissolved.  Cleanse thoroughly with BearCereju facial cleansers.  For individuals who prefer to use cotton pad, add a few drops of Mild Oil ME II onto cotton pad and then pat gently on skin until makeup is dissolced.  Then cleanse face thoroughly with BearCereju facial cleansers.